Bailout Training for all 3 platoons.

Thursday, January 19th, completed bailout training for all three platoons of the Upper Darby Professional Firefighters. Each platoon had the chance to be taught by instructors from area fire departments such as Cherry Hill, Camden, and Philadelphia. 


The bailout training is a result of safety equipment that was purchased for the members to wear with their everyday turnout gear. Turnout gear usually consists of the typical fire coat, fire pants, fire boots, and helmet. Our members are fortunate enough to have bailout equipment purchased for them that includes a rope, hook, and descent device. These components make up the system that provides our firefighters with a "last chance" option should condition on a fire scene dictate a hasty escape from a building on fire with their only exit being an upper floor window.


Fire scenes are hectic and unpredictable sometimes resulting in firefighters being stuck in unfavorable situations without a normal escape route to exit the building. Numerous examples from around the country, including a famous incident in New York City in 2005, have shown that trapped firefighters may have been able to survive a situation or avoided more serious injury had they been equipped with such a bailout system. 


Over the next couple weeks, the firefighters and fire officers of Local 2493 will be issued their bailout systems which will hopefully never be needed. But, if the need arises, it is reassuring to know that the fire department administration has provided our members with the best equipment necessary to increase our chances of returning home after our shift.


- Write Up By; 

Captains Dave Gallagher and John Calamia

Captain Dave Gallagher UDFD/37 B Platoon

Captain Dave Gallagher UDFD/37 B Platoon

Captain John Calamia UDFD/26 C Platoon    

Captain John Calamia

UDFD/26 C Platoon




A link to an overview of the famous incident in the Bronx, NY;