CPR Rescue

On Wednesday, September 7th 26/B platoon was called to Dermond Ave to assist the medics with a cardiac arrest. The crew from Engine 26 and the police took turns providing CPR while the medics were giving IVs, medications, intubating, and bagging the patient. After many rounds the patient got their pulse back. While carrying the stretcher the crews continued to provide CPR so the patient didn't lose their pulse. One of our Firefighters drove the medic unit while the medics continued to monitor and give the patient treatment on the way to the hospital.


We are very happy to say that we found out that the patient is alive and is actually doing well and getting around. The daughters of the patient stopped down to Station 26 when the crew was working their last shaft to thank them, and to get a picture with them.


The medics who worked on the patient were Doug Farr, Lisa sonpkowski, and Dwan Wallace. 


(26/b platoon members Captain Gove, Firefighter Hunger, and missing from the picture from 26/b platoon is Firefighter Hamilton)